Spring Sing Concert

Spring Sing Concert

Soundbytes was delighted to choose Headley Court Benevolent Fund as their fundraising target for their Spring Sing Concert. And to help promote this, the Headley Court Choir formed just 18 months ago came to perform a set of 3 songs during the concert.

The Commanding Officer, Teresa Griffiths gave a short message during the evening explaining about how the fund helps the rehabilitation of injured military personnel. It was a wonderful response from the audience when nearly £900 was raised for the charity.

Also performing was Three’s a Chord! – a vocal trio group made up of choir leaders, Mary Bourne who founded and runs SingingItBack in Kingston, and Sue Lampard who runs In Accord in Farnham and our very own Hazel Hannam. 

Q. Why did you decide to join Three’s a chord!, how did it come about and what do you get out of it?

A. “I really missed singing and performing, although I love teaching my choirs to sing and harmonise and getting them to be the best that they can be…but I met Mary at a Conductor’s Weekend in 2016 and about a year ago, she mentioned that she’s love to form a trio and would I be interested. I immediately said I would but one small problem, a trio by it’s very nature needs 3 and we were only 2!

Then our 3rd lady came when Mary met Sue on a voice-coaching weekend. As luck would have it we all get on very well, (in fact too well as sometimes we do more chatting than rehearsing!) and we had a couple of songs to sing at each other’s choir’s concerts.

I found it really exhilarating to be doing something I’d never done before, it’s challenging but very rewarding, and our choirs love to see how we do what we’re trying to teach them to do. It’s also good for me, at least, to be on the learning side of the music stand just like my choir as it reminds me what it’s like to be on their side of ‘the fence’ and therefore helps to keep me in check on what I demand of my choirs.”

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